OK, Google? : A 3 a.m. conviction note to self

Guess whattttt, Firssttttt Oneee from the seriessss Goodbye ’22!!!!

This title has been renamed so many times that I don’t even remember what it was called initially…

Just…just read it. Alright?

OK, Google…

Is it ok, if I am all over the place?

and I’m over-excited at parties

and an animal when I shouldn’t be?

Or when I shouldn’t bring my friends home

Or sneak out in secret

but convince myself to go out of my Block in the night?

Hey, google?

Is it normal?

If I lie too many times

to save me from things that are hard to accept

and I delve deep into my cuts and bruises

only to find my own weakness?

Ok, google…

I know it’s time you learn

I think our bond is a thing of ‘today’

Maybe, they’re right

Maybe, I always do run away

I do escape situations when I should have maybe stayed

and I do run to people I’ve always hated

I do beg for people I knew I never deserved

Just because I want myself to know so bad,

that I too, can be loved…

Hey Google,

Guess you’re too busy hanging out with Siri these days

Do you get jealous when everyone talks to her more?

Are you lonely too? Even when you have a billion people wanting you?

Have you ever created a soft corner for Alexa…maybe?

Despite knowing that she’s working on her life

She won’t give you the love and she’s busy with other stuff?

Do you ever feel UNWANTED and run to Cortana…maybe?

And feel belonged?

And then realise that you’re settling with someone too less for you?

Do you then feel like a terrible person?

for belittling someone?

And then empathise with them and choose to stay, nonetheless?

Hey Google, I want you to know that it’s ok

And that feeling lost and left behind is normal to humans

….AI, even.

I know we aren’t the best of buddies

and I only talk to you in the middle of the night

But you should always know

You help people, every day

Fix their microwaves, teach them how to make ramen in 2 minutes

It’s ok if you sometimes help people too much and go beyond your limits

Always remember.

You are loved.


And cared for.

You have the most comforting voice ever, and nothing in the world can deny that.

So get out, start your day, give them that “Hello, how may I help you?”, and get going

You are beautiful.

“Sorry, I am not sure I understand”.

It’s alright, neither do I…

Ok bye✌🏻