“May you be blessed with someone who speaks your language so you don’t have to spend a lifetime translating yourself. “

You know that feeling when it’s like, you have to explain everything to everyone? Like, why you did that or why you said what you said? Or why you left or why you didn’t leave sooner? It’s like your entire life is about explaining things to people. Or at least, that’s what you think. You’re so used to explaining everything you do, that when you finally find people who don’t really need you to explain your actions or justify your mistakes, it’s hard to believe.

Personal experience, it’s weird to be on the receiving end of love and affection when you’ve always poured yourself out to people who didn’t acknowledge your efforts, leave alone reciprocating to it. When you did everything just so they don’t leave you stranded.

So, when there’s no one judging you and your actions, it’s hard to believe that someone can love you without seeking any explanations and commenting unnecessarily.

When someone actually holds your hand and stays by your side while you are the butt of everyone else’s joke. When someone doesn’t drop your hand or join in with the rest when they’re rolling their eyes at you. It feels good to know that someone’s able to share their secrets with you, the feeling of being trustworthy again. That someone waits for you to turn up every single day, absolutely nothing can match the joy of it.

It’s all too surreal! ‘Cuz you’re not used to it. However, as a little kid, you were. When no one silenced you for your wild antics or judged you because you said something wrong. When you had a license to make mistakes. Those were the days and then, it’s today. Just like those days. Free from the fear of judegement and justifications.

It’s beautiful, the satiety of not having to translate every word you say fearing that it’ll be misunderstood. The fear of thinking that a bit of advice you give will be treated as a plot to frame you for what could go wrong if things didn’t work out well.

It’s so unbelievable that you have to pinch yourself hard. It’s all like never before.

The fact that you see your past sitting at lunch with you but your present is so beautiful that you have no time to think about it.

No explanations.

No justifications.

No judgements.



Food For Thought Week-4

As I had already given you an easter egg about this thought in one of my previous posts ,Here is the Thought for the week:-

In a society that has you counting money,pounds,calories, and steps, be a rebel and count your blessings instead.

I FEEL this one…During these tough lockdown times, where there is negativity everywhere, counting our blessings can be a great way of being sanguine. In a society where we are all in a RACE to accumulate money and power, what stays with us at the end is our loved ones who are our BLESSINGS in DISGUISE…

Have a good day!


Self-discovery during the pandemic


Covid-19 was anticipated to come to an END with the end of the year 2020, but it turned out to be a bad penny.It came back.With more force and this time with a new lesson…The lesson being:”It’s never too late to start.”

You might be wondering…To start what?

To start the journey of “Self-discovery. During the first lockdown when we were all barred from going outside our homes, we chose to dive deep inside us and discover and introspect ourselves. Even when we were new to this virus we could fight it by distracting ourselves by doing meditation and yoga, listening to music and practicing our long lost hobbies.

And we WON. We did not let this virus cripple us. But now that it’s back again, we are taking it LIGHTLY. Even though this time we need to be more careful and sensitive. The government is announcing lockdowns for our betterment but we have convinced ourselves that this virus can do us no bad.

When last year some of the people were doing such wonderful activities like meditation and practicing hobbies, To be honest, I was just eating, sleeping, watching TV, watching YouTube and movies, doing my assignment(cause I’m kinda serious about my work even though I don’t study for hours like those toppers).So this was my life. When my friends told me that they were all reading and doing new things…I felt GUILTY. Guilty to have wasted a whole year doing those same ol’ things and not doing things that could have been FUN n more PRODUCTIVE.

While many people see this second wave as a CURSE, I see it as a blessing…(EASTER EGG: Next Food For Thought is about it!)

I see it as a new chance to do things that I couldn’t do.Things like Self-Discovery.Even though I gave myself time, love, self-talks and rest last year,I could not DISCOVER(the positive side of me) myself much…So,I started this blog to share my discoveries with y’all!

So, this lockdown I CHOOSE to Discover the best version of me and I hope you would discover the best version of YOU too!

{Also, sorry…I couldn’t post for about a week…I just decided to take a short break.Even though I read all of yours blogs and believe me, they always give me complex. HAHA…Also, I made some changes so do check them out! Your suggestions and feedbacks would be appreciated. You can contact me or just comment down below}

Credits: potterheadaanya, Priyamvada Tyagi