Launching a New Series at ✨Midnight✨!!

Merryyyy Christmasss everyoneeee!!! ❄️

So, I obviously had to do this right in the middle of the night ’cause SWIFTIES know.

Anywayyyyyy, I’ve been super excited about this for the past few days. I cannot emphasise more how happy I am while doing this. So, as you know 2022 is heading towards its end and it’s time we follow the annual ritual of getting a ~new journal~ and reading my letters (my most favourite thing to do EVERRRR).

I am on top of the world and nothing can make me happier than documenting it and sharing this with you so here is an OFFICIAL entry of my 2022 peep-in.

*Uhm uhm*

It’s called

Goodbye ’22: “It’s a wrap!”

This record would follow a series of chapters that I’d be turning over for the next few days until we hit 2k23 (or even after…) The chapters in no particular order are:

A Lyrical Guide To The Lessons I’ve Learnt ft. 2k22

From Survival to Revival: ft. Keep Notes

OK Google…: A 3 a.m. conviction note to self

Sunshine after rain or the calm before a storm? ft. Overthinking

Still in ’21: A guide on how to stick to your past like chewing gum.

You’re only 15 once

The Love Calculator: ft. My Beautifullll fRieNDs

To find the “I” in us: The art of surviving a friend triskaidecagon

Truth and Dare: A game of lies and “Nah…I’ll pass”

HOME: How far have I come?

Dropdown Lines: For you, I’d colonise the world like Britain ft. New Loveeee

Question…? : Where do we go when the love runs out?

Book Tweaks: My favourite quotes from the books I read this year 👐🏻

New beginnings ft. 2023

To check ’em out ✨Meet me at midnight✨

Finally here 💞


By Priyamvada Tyagi

Heyooo! Priyamvada here. I'm 15 aandddd guess what? I write. So, enjoyyeee!!

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