Food For Thought Week-7

People grow when they are loved well. If you want to help someone heal, love them without an agenda.

Sometimes it’s important to spread love and kindness not because it benefits you, but because it can make someone’s day better and help them realize their worth. Let’s help each other flourish and heal from our deep wounds of darkness and negativity. LET’S LOVE. LET’S HEAL. LET’S GROW.😊


Food For Thought Week-6

Enjoy your own company instead of expecting someone else to make you happy!

The self-discovery and love that you gain through solitude is infinite. Having your ME time is the best way to love yourself and make yourself feel happy about yourself.

I do this all the time and I can relate with it because now that I give myself those much needed breaks, love and care through my ‘Me time’, I have realized that I am greater and better than what I used to think of myself. 😊


Make someone feel SPECIAL

So, you’ve read the title. You know what I’m gonna talk about. Before that let me tell you something. I read all your blogs like ALL of them and you are just 100 times more amazing writers than me and I am being very honest when I say this. When I start reading your blogs I just can’t stop without completely reading them and I am so grateful to have such a great audience. Also thank you for being the most amazing 35 people who made me feel SPECIAL today!

SOURCE: Julie Lefebure

Making someone feel special. As I write this, I am smiling. Even the thought of feeling special makes me blush. Even if it’s a small compliment like,”I like your smile” can make someone’s day. When there is so much going on in our lives, we are struggling every day, we are uncertain about what’s gonna come our way, let’s be the one who spreads positivity through words and deeds.

So let me first tell you how I got inspired to write this blog. So recently I read this blog by Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji who’s a great blogger I came across recently.In this blog, I read about her story and I felt super good after reading it.In this blog, she tells how our names are a reflection of us and how they have a big impact on our lives. I commented on the blog by praising the beautiful meaning behind her name and telling her about the meaning of my name. Maybe it was just a little gesture from her end that she praised my name but it TRULY made my day. I felt good about my name and myself!

See, it’s so easy to make someone feel special. Just a small gesture of yours can make someone’s day a lot better.

Making someone feel special is mutually beneficial. It makes the one complimenting feel nice since they make someone’s day better even without knowing it and definitely makes the complimented one feels important, valuable and special.

There are many ways to make someone feel special. You can compliment them or tell them how important you are to them just by helping them with some task and letting them know that they are important to you. Tell them how inspiring they are, talk to them when they are low and most of all be grateful to them. Don’t take ANYONE for granted and see how your little deeds can make someone’s day so much better.

So, a task for y’all. Honestly compliment at least 3 people you meet and see their reactions. You’ll know how good it feels to make someone feel special. 😊

So, you’ve made it to the end of this blog…Good job!

Hope your day is as bright as mine



SOUR Album Review!

Hey discoverers, so I decided to try my hand at something new. So this is my FIRST EVER MUSIC ALBUM REVIEW and I am super excited! So without much delay, I’ll just get into the review!

So,Olivia Rodrigo, an 18 year-old singer-actress has made the internet go wild with her excellent debut album SOUR. The 18 year-old first came up with her hit Driver’s License followed by Déjà Vu which topped the charts for several weeks. The young singer then came out with her song Good 4 U on 14 May,2021 after which she released her highly anticipated album SOUR.

Here is my opinion on the Album:-


The song Driver’s License is a heartbreaking track that brought the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series actress under limelight. The song has some REALLY great lyrics and is about a breakup that left her in pieces. The song supposedly targeted the singer’s HSM:TM:TS co-star, Joshua Bassett who recently was seen with Sabrina Carpenter who too is a part of HSM:TM:TS. The lyrics: “You’re probably with that ‘blonde’ girl” made fans suspect that ‘the blonde girl’ is Sabrina Carpenter.


The whole album is about melancholy due to a breakup and is presented in a way so that every song seems like a stage post breakup. The music is light and not too ‘happy’ however, the song Brutal has certain beats but it too has melancholy in its lyrics that talk about self-doubt, impossible expectations, and the singer’s inability to parallel park so, it too is a sad track from a teen’s perspective. She talks about how youth is portrayed to be so fun, bright and happy however it’s nothing like that…it’s just self-doubt, self-hatred and impossibilities.


The song Good 4 U has some funky pop beats, high school breakup drama where Rodrigo apparently goes crazy because of her breakup. The song has those teen breakup vibes which makes the track worth listening. The track is also one of my favourite ones from the album.


Next up, we have Déjà Vu which released soon after Liv’s first big hit Driver’s License. The song is about how Olivia feels that she is not the love interest of the one who now must be getting déjà vu since he is doing all those things with the ‘new girl’ that he did with Rodrigo.The song has the pop vibes where she talks how ‘he’ is watching reruns of glee,trading clothing, being unabashedly annoying with the other girl now.This song is also a sign that Olivia does not hold any grudge against the new girl however she isn’t happy with the fact that the old guy is doing the same things again without even being ashamed of how he moved on so easily.


Swift’s influences are felt most heavily on “Traitor,” “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” and “Favorite Crime,” soft ballads with simple guitar accompaniments that tiptoe through the trappings of a relationship turned sour. ‘Traitor‘ uncovers the 18-year-old’s heartache following a breakup which has left fans puzzled.In the song,Olivia sings:

“You betrayed me / And I know that you’ll never feel sorry / For the way I hurt, yeah / You talked to her when we were together / Loved you at your worst but that didn’t matter / It took you two weeks to go off and date her / Guess you didn’t cheat, but you’re still a traitor.”

The song is about how Olivia calls her ex a traitor which made fans suspect that the song is about the rumoured love triangle of Olivia=Joshua=Sabrina. The lyrics are splendid and it is one of the best songs on the album.


Talking about “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” the track has its song writing credits with Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff. The song has a lot of influence from Taylor and it is clearly visible. Fans suppose the 1 and 3 from the title to be an easter egg since it has Taylor’s lucky number 13. Olivia too has started giving easter eggs like Taylor. After all,she’s learning from the best!


Jealousy, Jealousy is one song that is my most favourite from the whole album though all the songs are great. The song has EVERYTHING. The song is like my teen life explained in 3 minutes. The song has great lyrics, light pop music and is HIGHLY relatable which makes the song more likable.


Happier is a very heartbreaking song with lyrics that leave you teary eyed. The song is about how Olivia says that she is fine with her ex moving on and being happy with someone else but she just wants him to feel happy and not happier than he was with her proving that she has yet to let go of her heartbreak.


Enough for you is another song on the album that left me in tears…The whole album is about heartbreak but this one hits you differently ’cause the way she says how ‘incapable’ she felt once her ex moved on is very very sad. The song is about how she thinks that even after she did everything to make her partner feel good about her, she could never be ‘enough for him’.


In the last song on the album, Favourite Crime, Olivia compares her breakup to a crime courtesy of the fact that she gave everything she had to ‘him’ and he still walked away. The song is very heartbreaking and it’s one of those dramatic songs that you’d sing in the shower after an unexpected breakup.



FAVOURITE SONG: Good 4 U/ Jealousy, Jealousy/ Traitor / Driver’s License / Brutal (I think, I like all of ’em! )

MY INTERPRETATION: The whole album is a about how Rodrigo tells about her feelings post breakup and her not so fun teen life. Most of the songs display her emotions post breakup and she also talks about how she has made peace with the fact that her love is gone even though she still misses him. The song are well-written since many of ’em have got inputs from great songwriters like Taylor Swift which is a big plus point of the album.

However, the music is very soft, Olivia’s voice fits in well which makes the songs more soothing and relatable. We can also not go away with the fact that the songs that Olivia wrote by herself too have many words that Taylor uses like: “brand new girl” in Good 4 U but that all fades when Olivia adds her own taste to the songs and makes it look ORIGINAL and RAW.

I WOULD RATE THIS ALBUM WITH: 4/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐(Very Good!!)

Well, this is all for this review. Hope you like it.Tell me what you think about this review and Olivia’s new album SOUR in the comments!

Till then, I’ll just go watch Ramona and Beezus (Nostalgia!!)



Sometimes in life when we are just too tired of walking a certain way we decide to just sit back and let life take us the way it wants to. We just let go of ourselves because we NEED a break so we just tend to pause, take a break and go with the flow. But if we take breaks, we sometimes regret them later. We feel that we could have made use of that break in a more productive way however, the reality is that if you were able to complete even 5% of your tasks it was because you took that break you regret now. We are not machines. We cannot work all day and night and stop taking breaks like even basic food or sleep breaks.

Breaks can be short term breaks for example, if I am preparing for a test, I study in slots so that I give myself a good break and my health is not affected. The others are long term breaks like I took a break from dance this year.Due to Covid-19, I could not take my Bharatnatyam (Indian Classical Dance) classes but still I don’t regret this break ’cause instead I started giving time to other things like,Blogging!

Breaks can be a great way to make a long-term decision if you are a terribly indecisive person like me 😅.If you give yourself a break you might be able to think about the same thing with a different perspective and make a BETTER decision.

Even during a normal day you must make it a point to take multiple breaks. Here’s Why:

Breaks increase your work productivity: When you take a short breaks, even a 10-15 minute break, your mind takes a break, nerves ease out and it is fresh and ready to imbibe once again!

Even this pandemic was a break.Everything from our work to our old regimes everything took a break. However, this one is a very unwanted break but this would end soon. I am trying to be too optimistic but I have no other option :).

So enjoy life. Take breaks and don’t think you are a SUPER EXTRAORDINARY person who can work without taking a break…You NEED breaks. Don’t underestimate them…

Well that’s all for this one. Let’s chat in the comments!!


Taylor Swift songs that take revenge to another level

So…Taylor is a queen and her music is something we can count on.The lyrics are as amazing as her voice. So here are some of Tay’s most revengeful songs that were a hit back when they were released and they still are!

8.Shake it off

The song with some amazing beats is a song that topped the charts for its lyrics “haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.” Even though the song does not sound so revengeful, she aims to hit the haters with this song so we’ll count it in the list too.

Shake It Off

7.Forever and Always

Definitely on the list. This was Taylor’s first breakup track that followed her callout to Joe Jonas on The Ellen DeGeneres Show which she later regretted. However, the lyrics…”Was I out of line? Did I say something way too honest? Made you run and hide—like a scared little boy” definitely means that she wanted to convey a message to a mysterious someone which made sense after her callout at the show.

Forever and Always

6.Dear John

This song is just too straight-forward and definitely deserves to be on the list. Fans suspect that “John” here is used for John Mayer and so does John Mayer himself! The lyrics:”Don’t you think nineteen’s too young to be played by your dark, twisted games?” shows how much this heartbreak hurt her.

Dear John


I could NEVER go without keeping this song off the list because the whole song is about being brave and calling out to the bullies and all those mean people we all have been dominated by. Also she is just too pretty in this song so this song makes it to Spot-5.(FACT: This is also my personal favourite of all the songs on the list!!)


4.Bad Blood

The song is rebellious as it is a callout to Tay’s best friend Katy Perry who had a feud with the former after which this song was in talks for many weeks. The song’s music video also features Kendrick Lamar, Selina Gomez, Zendaya, Lena Dunham, Hailee Steinfeld, Serayah, Gigi Hadid, Ellie Goulding, Martha Hunt, Cara Delevingne, Hayley Williams, Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss, Jessica Alba, Mariska Hargitay, Ellen Pompeo and Cindy Crawford.

Bad Blood

3.Picture to Burn

No way I was going without putting this one on the list! The title lyrics itself say “You’re just another picture to burn” which shows how savage she is being when she says that. The music video has Swift fantasizing about exacting revenge on her ex-boyfriend as she sees him with another woman.

Picture To Burn

2.Look What You Made Me Do

The song shows Taylor’s fury for people who she thinks ‘made her do this’. The song has dark music and the music video is just as dark and savage. The song is like a REBIRTH for Taylor and this song from her Reputation album makes it to Spot-2.

Look What You Made Me Do

1.Better Than Revenge

The song is supposedly about Camilla Belle, the actress who dated Joe Jonas after Swift. The lyrics are: “She’s not a saint and she’s not what you think…. she’s an actress, whoa…she’s better known for the things that she does…On the mattress, whoa”. She is just too revengeful in this one. This one deserved Spot-1 on this list which brings us to the end of this list!

So, this is it for this post! Tell me in the comments if you think I missed on a song that deserved to be on the list…



When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

So…this blog is what most of my days are spent thinking about…that “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH…”

This does not sound NEW. Right? I am sure I AM NOT ALONE(or am I?) Sometimes…or let’s say…Most of the times I just sit in a corner and keep cursing myself for who I am…Thinking how PATHETIC my life is and so much of it is just USELESS because I am not GOOD ENOUGH…I am not as good as I was before…Or maybe, I was never good at all…

Almost everyday, at least once I meticulously look for evidence that I am a nobody, that I don’t deserve to be loved, or that I’m not living up to my full potential. That’s how terrible I am to myself.

This has been going on for years now…But now it needs to CHANGE…We need to know how unique and beautiful we are!

We were CHOSEN to be who we are…There was definitely something in you and me that we were chosen to be who we are! So why not love ourselves for how good in fact, how GREAT we are!

So here are a few tips, in case self-hatred hits you as often as it hits me 🙂

  1. Stop being a critic. Stop being mean to yourself. Stop ranting about things that you cannot do. Start loving yourself for what you CAN!

2.It’s all in your head! Your mind can be a very convincing liar. You think you are not good enough but if you think you are, then yes, you are. The discussion ends. Your mind believes it. Simple!

SOURCE: Rebecca’s Dream

3.When you think that you don’t deserve things is when you deserve them the MOST. The moment you realise that you don’t deserve any of this…Give yourself a hug and you won’t feel that way again. Believe me. It works. It feels awkward at first, but when you do… And it works…then it isn’t awkward anymore 🙂

SOURCE: wikiHow

4.The people you compare yourself with…Compare themselves themselves with others too. Everyone experiences this.Unless you are GOD.Probably God has experienced it too.It’s Normal…To hate yourself sometimes.But hating yourself doesn’t mean to keep on hating yourself even more and hide yourself in a guilt cocoon and keep on blaming yourself for how bad your life is(it ain’t that bad). You need to come out of this guilt cocoon and THINK. Just like you compare yourself with someone maybe that person compares themselves with someone else too! You are not the only one that thinks that their life is the WORST.

And believe me, all this COMPARISON would vanish one day and you would laugh when you’d think how big of a fool you were to compare yourself with someone or hating yourself for being someone who you were destined to be…Anyway you can’t change it.I am who I am. You are who you are.Let’s love ourselves for who we are!

Love you!

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS:- When did you feel that you are good enough(recently)?



Food For Thought Week-5

Remember,being yourself is the only way to find out who truly cares and loves you for YOU

Bona fide! When you are raw and unfiltered is when you get to know if people around love you because being with you BENEFITS them or because you as your “true self: are special and valuable to them…


Food For Thought Week-4

As I had already given you an easter egg about this thought in one of my previous posts ,Here is the Thought for the week:-

In a society that has you counting money,pounds,calories, and steps, be a rebel and count your blessings instead.

I FEEL this one…During these tough lockdown times, where there is negativity everywhere, counting our blessings can be a great way of being sanguine. In a society where we are all in a RACE to accumulate money and power, what stays with us at the end is our loved ones who are our BLESSINGS in DISGUISE…

Have a good day!




SOURCE: Media Molecule

So recently, I was discussing with some of my friends about some of my WEIRD dreams. So…we all dream. However, we might not be able to recall them the next morning. Yes, “THEM”. We experience more than 8 dreams a night but we don’t even remember one and if we do we might forget it over a period of time. So what is a dream? When do we dream? Why do we dream? And is dreaming good for us? How do dreams help us to discover ourselves? I searched on the internet and here I am with the best answers to all these questions in this blog.{The sources if information are mentioned!}

SOURCE: Medical News Today

A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. The content and function of dreams are not fully understood, although they have been a topic of scientific, philosophical and religious interest throughout recorded history.


Dreams can happen at any time during sleep. But you have your most vivid dreams during a phase called REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, when your brain is most active. Some experts say we dream at least four to six times a night.

THERAPY THEORY: Your dreams may be ways of confronting emotional dramas in your life. And because your brain is operating at a much more emotional level than when you’re awake, your brain may make connections regarding your feelings that your conscious self wouldn’t make.

CREATIVE THEORY: One theory for why we dream is that it helps facilitate our creative tendencies. Artists of all kinds credit dreams with inspiring some of their most creative work. You may have awakened at times in your life with a great idea for a movie or a song, too.

At last, we have all heard about this one…Dreams help us memorise things for a longer period of time.

SOURCE: Woman & Home

Dreaming is a normal part of healthy sleepGood sleep has been connected to better cognitive function and emotional health, and studies have also linked dreams to effective thinking, memory, and emotional processing.

Everyone dreams anywhere from 3 to 6 times each night. Dreaming is normal and a healthy part of sleeping. Dreams are a series of images, stories, emotions and feelings that occur throughout the stages of sleep. The dreams that you remember happen during the REM cycle of sleep.

Dreams Provide Information About Your:-

1. Health

 If you are having terrifying nightmares that are disrupting your sleep, you could have a health problem. In particular, you could have a mental health problem, such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD.

Maybe your mind is signaling you that something is wrong!

2.Our Predictions to Future Situations

If you have been dreaming about living a lavish life or a life in a slum maybe it’s your mind telling you what it predicts about your future!


If you dream about your workplace, it could mean your brain is always thinking about work. If you dream of a school, you could be thinking about something in life that you need to learn. If your dream takes place in your childhood home, it could be an indication that you are holding onto a way of thinking that is entrenched deeply into your past.

Your brain thinks of a setting that reminds it of the tasks it has to do!

4.Vivid Dreams and Stress

If you are having dreams that are more vivid than usual, it could be stress-related. Your brain, and its dreams, are keeping you alert, so you can be prepared for whatever it is that is causing you stress.



Here are a few:-

  1. Everybody….Like everybody DREAMS.
  2. Not all dreams are colorful.
  3. Men and women dream differently.
  4. Our dreams are controllable.
  5. Negative dreams are more common.
  6. We become paralyzed while dreaming.
  7. We have around 9-10 dreams a night. However, we might not even be able to remember ONE of those TEN!
  8. We are the most creative while dreaming.
  9. Blind people may dream visually.

So,this is it for this blog.I hope my collected information could help you gain an insight into the crazy world of DREAMS. I would like to thank all the sources which helped me complete this blog.

Tell me about some of your crazy dreams in the comments!