Food For Thought WEEK-2

The thought of the week is…

It is the province of knowledge to speak, and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen

Our speech is a way of spreading our knowledge while the art of listening is a privilege to us since it enriches us from within…

This thought holds true even today. Decades after it was first quoted by Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. The thought is more relevant today since today people are giving their loud opinions but NO ONE wants to listen…We need GOOD speakers but it is of no use without GREAT listeners in our society. We need to be the ones who begin the change!


By Priyamvada Tyagi

Hi lovelies....Hope you are doing great.I, Priyamvada,a 14yr old blogger welcome you to my website.Well,I just looooveee giving and listening to public motivational speeches on life and other aspects of it which indirectly increased my love for public speaking and writing my thoughts and sharing it with interested readers.As I am a everyday observations become all the more a reason to be shared. Here I would share my daily observations,viewpoints,thoughts,beliefs,ideas and so much more with you.I believe that sharing thoughts and experiences takes courage and here I am with all of my courage and will mustered up but it would be possible only when we be what we really are...For this we need to be #unfiltered.Let's relive our past experiences and believe me sharing your experiences might bring a drastic change in the life of others.🙂

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