The UNLUCKY numbers

So discoverers…I know this is a completely different topic to talk about but I came across an incident that forced me to think about it even more.So recently my aunt decided to buy a house.It had to serve her needs:

 •The rent does not disturb her budget.

 •A balcony with sea view

 •A big kitchen

But she let the deal slip out of her hand because some of her free advice giving, know-it-all neighbours said that the house would bring her BAD luck because it was on the 13th floor of the building and the house no. was 666.For a second…I was like…whut?! 😑

I did not see anything wrong with these numbers until she told me that these numbers are considered to be UNLUCKY.

For me 13 has always been a great number…I was born on 13….Taylor Swift was born on 13. There are 13 cards in each suit in a standard deck of playing cards. But still some people have misled the others by mixing some right facts with some very wrong ones…The fear of the number 13 in particular is so overrated that they made a complete mental illness out of it triskaidekaphobia which means the fear of number 13.Like…I love this number. In some countries, certain communities strongly believe in UNLUCKY numbers. Like 666,17 and many more.

Well for me, all the numbers are equal….However,I just feel a connect with certain numbers like 13(as I mentioned earlier),2 and 5.These numbers just make me feel….REALLY good…Like…How do I explain it….It is like how you feel after watching an ASMR video…relaxed and satisfied…Whenever I see these numbers anywhere I just feel assured that everything’s going to be okay and there’s nothing to worry about.🙂

Check out this video to know more about UNLUCKY numbers.


Well do tell me in the comments if you believe in anything like UNLUCKY numbers and what are the numbers that you feel a connect with!

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