Fear Of Being Judged

So…I was just wondering…If I ask you ,”Do you know yourself well?” probably you or anyone on this planet would say, “Yes!”. But that’s not what it’s all about. Now, if I ask you to say at least 10 good statements and 10 bad statements about yourself what will your answer be? Whatever your answer is I am sure you would not take less than 5 or even 15 minutes to answer the question. And even after all this time we might be able to say maximum 8-9 statements.

Why is that so? When we are sure that we know everything about ourselves then why does it often become so difficult for us to say even a few statements about ourselves in no time?

That is because of our deepest insecurities. Now…another question pops up. Why do we care about what the other person thinks of us? Now, that is because of the fear of being judged. Many of you might say, “It’s because I can’t recall anything at that particular time when the question is asked”. Well, you are not wrong. But unfortunately, you are being misled. You know a lot about yourself and can speak about it without any hesitations but your mind does not allow you to pick up certain thoughts and speak them because it has the fear of being looked at negatively.

All that I learnt from this is that when we live in a society we cannot help but be concerned about how we portray ourselves in front of people. Usually when we are getting dressed we try several dresses and curse ourselves by saying, “I look fat” or “I look dark” or things that make you hate yourself even more. We must know that even though we might project ourselves as the best version of us in front of people, we will be judged by everyone no matter what. So, stop being insecure about what the other person would think if you tell them about what you truly are ’cause no one literally no one cares about what you wore at Sally’s party or what you said about eating chips and coke all day.

These things are forgettable. Be you. Be yourself. Show what you truly are. Don’t hide under the shell of being judged. It just makes you feel worse about yourself. Nothing else!

So now…if I ask you to “say at least 10 good and 10 bad statements about yourself”. Say anything but say something that makes you feel contented. What makes you believe that you are strong. That makes you believe that you are far better than you think what you are. Without the fear of being judged🙂

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