My First Book Review!!

Hey Readers…So,I had to tell you all about this one thing I have been excited about for long now.So recently I came across this short book of poems namely “My Ventures & Rove Through Rhyme & Rhythm” by a young author Aaliya Naqvi who is just 14 and has begun her journey as an author with her debut book.

The book is a collection of poems that talks about various aspects of life ranging from nature to the author’s will to be allowed to live her life the way she wants to;to be able to control her destiny and believe in powers like hope,faith,trust and much more.The poems touch your soul since they have a deep meaning behind them.There are times when the author’s innocence makes you smile and times when you are stunned to see that such a young author is able to express her thoughts this well.

The book starts with the beautiful words of Robert Frost that increase your curiousity to read the book and increases your love for poetry even more.

If you are a big poetry fan then this book would be a good option for you since it would force you to ponder over little things that often go unnoticed.If you are an old English fanatic like me then the author brings an Old English twist in one of her poems with a glossary too that makes the readers love the book even more.If you are seeking motivation in life then you are the right spot since the poet encourages her readers to challenge themselves and never lose hope and faith.

If yoh are looking forward to reading this book but think that you lack time.The author has a solution to it too! The book is a short book and if you are an avid reader who can read at least 2-3 books a week then you can definitely read this one in no time.

Since, I write blogs about teenagers too…So,to all the teenagers…this book would turn out to be a great option as they will come across certain lines in the poems that they will find extremely relatable since the author is a teen too!
My favourite poems from the book are “Nature’s Magic” and “Is Revenge Sweeter?”So don’t forget to check them out!

I have always been a big poetry fan myself and this book fulfills all that I love!

  • Deep Meanings
  • Old English
  • Writings about nature and life’s aspects

For the ones who are curious: The book is available on Amazon and goodreads for free! So do check it out and let me know in the comments what are your thoughts about it!

If you enjoyed this book review do like and comment about it and I am always awaiting honest feedbacks.


By Priyamvada Tyagi

Hi discoverers....Hope you are doing great.I, Priyamvada,a 14yr old blogger welcome you to my website.Well,I just looooveee giving and listening to public motivational speeches on life and other aspects of it which indirectly increased my love for public speaking and writing my thoughts and sharing it with interested readers.As I am a everyday observations become all the more a reason to be shared. Here I would share my daily observations,viewpoints,thoughts,beliefs,ideas and so much more with you.I believe that sharing thoughts and experiences takes courage and here I am with all of my courage and will mustered up but it would be possible only when we be what we really are...For this we need to be #unfiltered.Let's relive our past experiences and believe me sharing your experiences might bring a drastic change in the life of others.🙂

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