I turned 14!

Hey Discoverers!!!!It’s been long since we interacted. Due to the exams I could not find time to work on my blog posts but now that they are over I am back! Also….Congratulations to me for successfully completing a whole one year( on13 March) as a teenager .It was a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts since due to the Global Pandemic my first year as a teenager was an isolated one where I realised the value of socialising,being grateful and finding good in everything.

This past year I learned a lot of new things ranging from trying my hand at blogging to being a part of the school compering crew. A lot of things came my way this year and all I can say is that I am grateful for everything that happened. I am grateful for being privileged enough to have food and shelter to fulfill my needs during the pandemic. I was privileged enough to afford the medications. I was privileged enough to have my family with me to support me during these hard times and my teachers who did not let the pandemic hinder my education. My friends who motivated me to not stop due to these hard times and last but not the least I was privileged enough to be in good health to be able to help those in need.

This year might have been a very lonely and negative one but honestly…none of us even knew the meaning of being in quarantine, isolation and social distancing. So, it did add words to our dictionary😅…But what is the most important lesson that I learnt this year is that nations and people might have fights over petty things but during the hard times the whole world stands together as a family and just as it is stated in the ancient Indian texts “Vasudeva kutumbkam”.We all are a FAMILY😊