I am a Swiftie!

Hey Discoverers…So as the title says”I am a Swiftie” let me make a correction “I am a BIG Swiftie”.And when I say so for all young adults out there, I have certain Songs by Taylor that would make your day!


2.Never Grow Up

3.Teardrops On My Guitar

4.Everything Has Changed

5.You Belong With Me

6.Love Story

7.Back To December

8.Our Song


10.The Best Day


12. 22

While I would say that this most passionate,young,beautiful,creative and hardworking woman has a lot of amazing songs in her pocket,all her songs are worth listening to as they are inspired by real-life incidents.Well,you too can tell me about your favourite Taylor Swift song in the comments.Also,if you liked this blog then do hit a like and follow me.This @Swiftie would eagerly wait for your love!๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™


Weird and Wonderful Facts About Teenagers!

Hey readers! We all know that we teenagers just raise the bars of being highly idiotic and sometimes highly intelligent.

But why does this happen? And what’s so weird and wonderful about it. So here I am with some facts about teenagers. Let’s check out!

Weird Facts!

#Fact1. If your parents scold you, and you feel their words, you are WRONG. Yes! the Teen Brain shuts down once it finds negativity or criticism. So if your parents give you an hour long lecture…you do ”HEAR” them however, you never “LISTEN”.

#Fact2. If you always get a taunt for sleeping late and getting up late then, it’s definitely NOT your fault. Adolescents are in their growing stages thus, they are developing their Rod cells(helps to see at night)which are weaker as compared to their Cone cells(helps to see in broad daylight) in humans as we are diurnal. I know I’m being too scientific but it’s a fact! However, every teen is different. So many may even be the nocturnal owls while some may be the early birds!

#Fact3. When teens are around their friends “peer pressure” gets the better of them. They tend to take more RISKS when they are around peers. However, this varies from teen to teen but this gives us a lesson that “peer pressure” isn’t as easy to tackle as we consider it to be.

#Fact4. Teens do value their family but a thing they value the most is their phone as it gives them the PRIVACY they wish for. The number of teens with smartphones has doubled in two years. 80 per cent of teenagers now have a smartphone.

Wonderful Facts

#Fact1. More than 78% teens have OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).However,this might be bad in some cases but mostly all teenagers face it atleast 2-3 times unknowingly.

#Fact2. More than 20% teen boys and 46% teen girls hug their loved ones daily to show affection.Even though many of us don’t realise it…but yeah,we do this!

#Fact3. Teenagers eat double the food to forget bad memories.U know what….Scientifically,It works!

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Hey readers!Well,I know that you’ve already read the title so you know it has something to do with Exams.Well,to some extent YESSS.But it’s gonna be more of Exam “Pressure” .I know this definitely isn’t a new word for any of us.If you too are a student, you would know it and if you are a Teen then you definitely know it.

Exams are like those ghosts that scare you every fourth month accompanied by class tests as panic attacks and Parent Teacher Meets to increase your blood pressure, anxiety,chronic stress and what not.

But this stress is going to lead nowhere. As per a study, mental pressure during exams can decrease self-confidence and lead to poor academic performance, distancing from family members and friends, or an increase in depression and anxiety. Left untreated, this could eventually lead teens to engage in self-harm or even have suicidal thoughts!

But don’t worry.All of this ‘pressure’ as we call it, isn’t that big of a burden if we plan things well.I am sure that all of us are ready to face the exams.

So, here are some tips that would help you to Face your exams and Ace your exams!

  • Make an effective schedule for studies only.
  • Choose distraction free environment.
  • Use smart way instead of hard way, it will save your time because you have limited time.
  • Always be focused on your concepts.
  • Make your own personal notes for better understandings of topics.
  • Analyze your weakness & strength.
  • Kill all your weak points,.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Read & study textbooks that is provided by the boards.

I hope these tips would help you to #Face your exams and Ace your exams.

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10 quotes to count on when you need motivation to Move On…

I know…we all struggle…we all strive…rough times do come our way(Especially during teenage). It can be a past experience, bad grades or a setback. We cannot escape our failures but at least we can try to overcome them for which all need some motivation to MOVE ON.

Hey Discoverers…So here is the compilation of my most favourite quotes that motivate me to keep sailing through all peaks and valleys.

1.Let us cherish what is to come instead of dwelling on what has happened.

2.One of my favourites:)

3.Believe Him because he knows you better than you. Trust him. Move On. He has got you!

4. Lingering on won’t not help.Come on…Cheer up! There is more to come ๐Ÿ˜€

5.Here you have a quote by Einstein…Come on.Now even a genius wants you to Move On!

6.It’s never too late to MOVE ON.

7.It is easy to Move On. It is hard to not.

8. You won’t get what you’ve lost so Move On and live the present.

9. Don’t think of the pace. Just Move On.

10.You are brave if you can Move On.

11.Here is the BONUS!

Life won’t stop for us and so shouldn’t we. It can be hard to MOVE ON at times, but it feels worse to stick to them. Don’t crib. Don’t dwell. You won’t get this opportunity ever again. So move on! Live it! Cherish it!

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Self-Care: Selfish or Necessary

As promised, here is my new post! Though I took a lot of time to post this one,but I think it is a must that we all read this blog and understand the importance of SELF-CARE. So here I am with a new blog,new thoughts,new observations:)

Hey Discoverers! Hope you are doing great! Well, this week was no different…I was just sitting in my chair thinking that 2k20 has truly taken a toll over our lives and now it has been a month since the New Year began! So, I decided to give myself some much-needed-self-care which I believe, we all deserve.

Well, I think we have just made it into our habit to force, push, stretch and challenge ourselves for anything and everything and then beat ourselves up when we fall short. But we need to stop expecting ourselves to be happy at all phases of life. To always be confident, productive or even present. Come on! Let’s accept it! It’s not always possible to be PERFECT…at last we are HUMAN!

It’s high time now. Stop saying “I’ll deal with that later” as soon as you think about Self-Care. I know. You are busy. It can be hard to give yourself the adequate amount of time but don’t let it affect you. Don’t ignore yourself.

But why do we neglect ourselves? We know that we need to HEAL. But we just don’t want to accept that .We want HELP. But we just won’t share our problems. I believe that Self-Help is the best way to love ourselves. Loving ourselves is not selfish it is necessary. We need it. We have to. Caring for ourselves in the best possible way is important for all of us.

It is not selfish to COMPLIMENT yourself. In fact, complimenting yourself can help you boost your self-confidence!

To care for yourself you can do a thing as easy as giving yourself a massage to doing a thing as personal as having a SELF-TALK. Take out 5 min of your day and talk to yourself. Think if what you did today made you happy. Relive an old happy memory when you feel stressed. And believe me… Self-talk is the best way to heal. Talk to parents or trustworthy friends and share if you think that would help you feel better.

Start meditating or doing yoga or FOLLOW A HOBBY like singing, dancing or painting if it helps you.

You know yourself the most. You know your shortcomings. You know your strengths. If you think that you need rest give yourself a BREAK. Don’t force yourself. It would just make things worse.

And believe me. If you follow these easy methods of COMPLIMENT,SELF-TALK,FOLLOW A HOBBY and BREAK you would feel the much wanted change in you ๐Ÿ™‚

If you liked this blog, do check my next blog that would help you with quotes that would encourage you to MOVE ON.